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Intended for newly hired Clinical Assistants 

BFluid Training Preparation

Basic Competency Program:  The Standards of Nursing Care Practice

This is an 8 hour of didactic and intensive hands-on training to build nurse competency in handling chemotherapy patients with the evidence based standards and protocol in nursing care.

This is an 8-hour training of didactic lectures and workshop intended for a beginning nurse entering the Supportive and Integrative Services to build nurse competency in caring for the palliative and end of life patients aligned with the Joint Commission Standard (JCI) and End of Life Nursing Education Consortium Program.

A 96 hours of didactic training and application intended for beginning nurses entering Telemetry unit in which the nurses will understand the concept of providing safe and competent nursing care to patients with progressive care needs, regardless of their underlying problems.

This is a brief presentation on the basics of Burette in administering medications.

This online exam is intended for all Nurses and Medical Technologists with near expiry CBG IDs. 

A 8 hours of didactic training and application intended for Nurses caring for critically ill COVID-19 patient admitted at 11th floor

This is a 2-part video that includes: 1. Fall Prevention and Management Introduction, and 2. Fall Prevention and Management Interventions.

Learning Objectives are:

1.To discuss epidemiology of fall at Asian Hospital and Medical Center
2.To introduce the risk-based fall prevention strategy
3.To enumerate changes in the fall assessment scales
4.To discuss appropriate fall risk intervention strategies
5.To detail post fall documentation, assessment and interventions.

This IVT online course is an institutionalized program, exclusively offered to all AHMC nurses. This program is intended for all nurses with near expiry IVT license. 

Read the IVT reviewer prior taking the online exam.

Online course for AHMC Institutionalized IVT Updates


Baby-friendly Hospital Initiative: Revised, Updated and Expanded for Integrated Care Section 3: Breastfeeding Promotion and Support in a Baby-friendly Hospital, a 20-hour training course for Maternal and Child Healthcare Staff  to strengthen the knowledge and skills towards successful implementation of the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding as part for the compliance and sustenance of the breastfeeding movement.


UNICEF/WHO. ( 2006)  Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative.Revised, Updated  Expanded for Integrative Care.Section 3.2 Session Outlines Breastfeeding Promotion Support in a Baby-Friendly Hospital. A 20-Hour Course for Maternity Staff

This course will provide updates on how to administer medication via ORION system. 

General Objectives:
Training program shall provide guidelines to nurses assigned as preceptors in training newly hired nurses. This also aims to instill desired competencies and maintain the good therapeutic culture expected to a preceptor that will further promote a favorable learning environment for novice AHMC nurses in each respective units of assignment.

Orientation Program in the Operating Room for Surgical Assistant

This course is intended for staff nurses undergoing PICU Training. 

The training module provides a unit based education program focused on pediatric intensive nursing care for trainees.

General Objectives: The Staff Nurses will recognize and apply the clinical management of patients with   peritoneal dialysis. Performs the peritoneal dialysis according to the hospital policy and standards, and satisfactorily pass the written post test and return demonstration as skills validation

Orthopedic Surgery Training Course